We cordially invites

you to join us in marking the first annual Peace one-day celebration in Halifax Nova Scotia. This celebration will take place on the 21st of September at the Halifax Grande Parade.
The Initiative behind Peace one day is to globally institutionalized the 21th of September as peace day where organization all over the world participate in activities that promote non violence and peace

Young Generation Halifax mission is to be Build and sustain a diverse community inspired by culture and to promote success stories and share experiences through networking, mentorship and community involvement. We intend to create a centralized hub of resource here in Halifax where all youths in different sectors of our community feel united and are equipped to sufficiently thrive in our
community so as to inspire the upcoming shape the generation of leaders. Hence, as a part of our mission we are partaking in the movement already in motion globally to participate the celebration and promotion of peace. As a part of this year’s celebration, our theme is focused on partnering and acknowledging organizations in Halifax centered towards gender equality and non-violence toward women.

As a sign of peace, we would like everyone attending this event to wear and all white attire and we have a waving of handkerchief moment, which would be photographed at 12:00.
From 11:30 to 12:00 guest remarks. Booths and entertainments.

Our ask of you to make this event a success is that you come with resources about your organization and set up booths on the day of the event. We would like to connect organization such as yourselves to the general public of Halifax to create more awareness and to connect relating organization to build a greater networking resource for women seeking relating needs. We want to build and publicize that
all we need can be at our grabs here in Halifax. We would like to continue to represent the good work organization such as your self is doing for our community and create more awareness to people who are unaware of the resource we have here in the community that advocates and care for women.

Invitation to join Peace by Women event (September 21st, 2019)

 Organizational background
We are a group who is looking to bring Peace by Women to Halifax and to institutionalize Peace Day on September 21st. This movement was first initiated by Jeremy Gilley who wanted to create an annual peace day that would acknowledge the peace effort carried out by different organizations by bringing them together and celebrating them.

The Halifax African Young Professionals is a centralized hub that is focused on building and sustaining diversity that is inspired by culture and tradition. As a group, we would like to bring together and celebrate organizations in Halifax that are currently working towards creating peace awareness for women, gender equality and offering opportunities for the younger generations. By having Peace by Women, we also want to spread the word of the numerous initiatives and organizations in Halifax to be able to get the community more involved.

Why we want you to join?
Peace one day is an event that will give organizations like (add name of the organization) the opportunity to have a bigger platform where you will be able to bring awareness to the community about your mission and goals. Your organization will also have the opportunity to network with other organizations with similar commitments therefore we will be able to create a bigger network who will have a chance to work together towards accomplishing our shared goals of developing equality and inclusivity.

Project description
On September 21stwe want to host and bring together organizations whose goals are to promote gender equality, inclusivity and empowerment of women. The organizations that will attend are going to set up a booth that has the information of who they are and what they do so that the members of the community who attend can get to know the organizations and learn how to help and get involved. At 12 pm, we will start the main event which will include a speech from the mayor, Mike Savage, and some members from the community known for their efforts towards equality. We will have some poets, singers and dance performances from different backgrounds to showcase and celebrate our diversity and inclusivity. We will also have a silent auction where the funds raised are going to be donated to the Breast Cancer Society.

What do you need to do if you wish to participate? 

-      Set a booth where people can get to know you

-      Bring magazines, pamphlets, business cards with Informational material about you, what you do and how to reach you

Please let us know if you would like to participate. Contact us at (902 580 1180) and (